Itex was born with a clear idea, which is achieving true decentralization with an optimal and better control of the existing manipulation on the market; for this reason we are going to be an HYBRID Exchange , offering some of the benefits and technological advantages of the decentralized exchanges to generate high liquidity, security, customer protection and a good quality support.
90% fee to holders

90% of the fees that will be charged in the exchange will go to the holders of the itex token.

50% Minning Trading

500M of tokens to distribute in the first two years. Every fortnight an equal number of Itex tokens will be distributed to all operators based on their volume of transactions generated in that period.

Burning of tokens

The tokens used in the voting system will be burned.

Free Listing

Itex exchange will list the currencies or tokens based on three conditions: a strong community on Twitter, Telegram and currency voting.


The exchange will have customer verification.

Funding Program

Through our program we will promote projects that have great utility and do not have the necessary means to make themselves known by implementing a community voting system.

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Itex qualities:
  • Simple and friendly structure
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Quick and low cost deposits and withdrawals
  • Money laundering control
  • Back up in cold wallets
  • Free access to exchange history and statistics
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Leverage and social trading system

We will have a futures market to work short and long term in the USD / BTC pair of up to 50x and in some Altcoins up to 10x. In addition to this, we will have a unique pairing system: if a new user decides to link their profile to someone more successful they will be able to copy their same operations without problems, thus obtaining identical results.

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Who We Are

Get to know the team of enthusiasts who are working hard and passionately behind this project

Alana Ruiz
Mirsha Cruz
Operational Manager
Jared Sierra
Diego Manso
Middleware Administrator and Devops Engineer
Angelvis Yanez
Graphic Designer and Social Media
Alejandro Letona
Chief Operation Officer


The token will have a supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens

Token Info
  • Itex Token:

    Ethereum ERC20

  • Token Price:

    1 Itex Token = 0.02USD

  • Tokens to sell:

    20.000.000 Itex

Token Distribution

Token Sale

The sale of tokens will be carried out in two phases

20000000 Itex

Price for token $0.02 USD

180000000 Itex

Price for token $0.05 USD